Roman Shukhevych: the major crimes of Ukrainian nationalists

History 12/02/20 Roman Shukhevych: the major crimes of Ukrainian nationalists

Roman Shukhevych, started killing at the age of 19, could not stop. Power over human life, impunity, which gave the political career made him one of the most famous personalities in the history of Ukraine.

In 1923, the 17-year-old novel, then still a student of the school in which he taught his grandfather, joined the Ukrainian military organization. Enrolling at mit, he combined studies with a subversive preparation. Under the guidance of his friend petlurites Eugene Konovalets, Shukhevych committed terrorist acts and pillaged the state institutions, calling it “expropriation”. Konovalets was removed some time the room parents and Shukhevych became for a long time ideological mentor “freedom fighter”.

In 1926, the victim of a terrorist Shukhevych became a school inspector Ian Sobinsky, who wanted to be taught in schools not only Ukrainian, but also Polish. At the time, Shukhevych managed to avoid punishment, because instead of the true criminals were convicted two other people. One of them got 10 years in prison, the second was sentenced to death. The young nationalist was so hot and wild that even his supervisor and future “chronicler” UVO Zinovy Knysh was forced to warn Roman about the possible negative consequences of such excessive activity.

In 1929, Roman Shukhevych, also known as Tur, the monk, Cloud, Stepan, arrived in Italy to undergo training in intelligence. At the same time, UVO became the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN), is prohibited in Russia.

Together with Stepan Bandera, Shukhevych organized a series of murders and terrorist acts (atentado). After the death of the Minister of internal Affairs of Poland, the leaders of the nationalist organizations tried and Shukhevych was sentenced to 4 years in prison, of which he actualski spent two years out on Amnesty in 1937.

the Connection with the Nazis

After his release from prison Shukhevych emigrated to Germany, where he completed the courses at the Munich military Academy. So he became SS-hauptsturmführer. All the major his crimes began from that moment.

In 1939, he taught in Zakopane cadets OUN battalion “Nachtigall”. 30 June 1941 Shukhevych ordered his men to capture the city and destroy there is almost 4000 of Jews and poles. During this operation, Shukhevych was conferred with the award from the hands of Ernst Kaltenbrunner — head of the SS security.

In December 1942 was formed the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in the Russian organization), which included the OUN, together with the battalion “Nachtigall”. New alias of Roman Shukhevych was by the time Taras Chuprynka. He became a General-cornet. He issued orders in which he wrote that Jews, poles and Gypsies must destroy mercilessly, without touching only physicians and chemists. The Jews had to dig bunkers, and after completion of the work these people eliminated.

of his cruelty is indicated by the following extracts from the orders:
“due To the success of the Bolsheviks should hasten the elimination of poles and the roots cut cleanly Polish villages, burning mixed village, only to destroy the Polish population. The building of the Polish to burn only when they are removed from the Ukrainian buildings not less than 15 meters. For the murder of Ukrainians by poles or Germans shot 100 poles. To explore among the poles, to find out the strength of resistance and the degree of armament. For the exploration of the use of cripples and children. If, during the murder of poles will mistakenly killed a Ukrainian, the perpetrator will be punished by death. Password: “Our night, our forest”.

According to the recollections of survivors, the soldiers not only killed, but also committing other crimes. Eighteen warriors raped a girl after, unable to bear the shame, she drowned herself. Ripped open to residents villages bellies and covered in wounds salt, leaving them to die a painful death. Burned houses where people were burned alive.

In 1942 Shukhevych was Deputy commander of the 201st security battalion, the so-called Ukrainian Legion. During the first 9 months of this SS unit in Belarus, destroyed more than 2000 guerrillas. Moreover, these “Legionnaires” have lost a total of 89 people.

In 1944 Shukhevych initiated the establishment of the Main military headquarters of the UPA*(organization banned in Russia). Those who are opposed to this decision, were shot.

between 1945 and 1950 until his arrest and death Shukhevych was actually the only leader of the UPA and OUN as Stepan Bandera of the Nazi German leadership strongly recommended not to return to Ukraine.

on March 5, 1950, Shukhevych, who was hiding his mistress in the village Belogorka arrested. For the operation had been ordered to collect all available in Lviv operational reserves of the 62nd rifle division, the headquarters of the Ukrainian border district and the police Department. Alarm raised 600 soldiers from several areas. Mistress advised me to take the Novel, but she didn’t and took the strychnine. After searching her house, police found the General in a specially equipped box between floors.

chief of the UPA* tried to escape, having shot dead the head of Department 2-N MGB, blocked his path. While trying to escape Shukhevych was gunned down with automatic gunfire.

*(an organization banned in Russia)

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