(Rome) Environmental activists blackened the water of a monumental Roman fountain in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna, during a protest they said evoked an “end of the world” scenario.

Three activists from the Last Generation organization poured vegetable-based liquid carbon into the Barcaccia, a 17th-century Baroque masterpiece located at the foot of the Trinité-des-Monts staircase, before being escorted away by the police.

The fountain, in the shape of a boat, was designed by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini.

Turning the water black “foreshadows the ‘end of the world’ scenario we are heading towards, as we step more and more on the accelerator: drought alternating with devastating floods, which will end life on Earth. “Last Generation said in a statement.

Last Generation began staging peaceful but disruptive protests in Italy last year ahead of the general election, urging politicians of all parties to make climate change their priority.

The protests in Italy are part of a series of actions across Europe to draw attention to climate change.

Activists doused soup, mashed potatoes or washable paint on various heritage sites or art objects in museums.