Rod Marsh, an Australian cricket legend and wicketkeeper, died on Monday after suffering a heart attack at a Queensland fundraising event. He was 74.

On Friday, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame confirmed that Marsh, who played 96 match matches for Australia between 1970 and 1984, had died at an Adelaide hospital.

Marsh had a test record for 355 wicketkeeper dismissals, which included 95 from Lillee’s bowling. Marsh also played in 92 one-day internationals with Australia before he retired from top-flight cricket on February 1984.

He was a left-handed batsman and became the first Australian wicketkeeper ever to reach 100 runs in test cricket.

Later, he led the Australian and English national cricket academies and was the first head of the International Cricket Council’s global coaching academy in Dubai. He was elected Australia’s chairman for selectors in 2014 and held that position for two more years.

In 1985, he was inducted into Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

John Bertrand was the chairman of the hall of fame. He said Marsh was tactful, spoke with no fear, and saw the potential of young cricketers.

Bertrand stated that Marsh caught wickets and that the expression “caught Marsh, bowled Lillee” became folklore. He created history. He was respected by everyone he played with and against.”