Ring in Buchenwald: as a prisoner of the Soviet boxer beat German champion

History 28/12/19 Ring in Buchenwald: as a prisoner of the Soviet boxer beat German champion

In the history of the Second World war the well-known football “death Match” between the Germans and a team of Nazi-occupied Kiev. However, during the war the number of such matches with the participation of athletes from other sports. In particular, is of great interest the story of a Boxing match, prisoner of Buchenwald Andrey Borzenko and German champion in heavy weight among the personnel of the Waffen SS by the name of Willie.

Fatal injury

This story made public through the famous book by Soviet writer Georgy Sviridov “the ring for the barbed wire”, written on motives of the biography of the Boxing champion among the Southern republics of the USSR had miraculously survived the hell of concentration camp Buchenwald, Andrey Borzenko. When meeting with the hero of his narrative Georgy Sviridov, who was also a boxer at the competition, wondering why Soviet boxer brutally leads the fight with his opponent from Germany. Later, after talking with Andrey Borzenko personally, Georgy Sviridov learned his amazing story which is then told in numerous interviews. It is difficult to imagine what force of will must have been Soviet boxer to in such appalling conditions to win more than 80 of fighting criminals, concentration camp guards and SS soldiers. Part of Andrew was stationed at the border, and in the first months of fighting he was wounded repeatedly. The first two wounds were relatively light, and after the third master of sports on Boxing, was captured. At first he was placed in a concentration camp Stalag with a relatively tolerable conditions. But after two unsuccessful boxer shoots were transferred to Buchenwald, where getting out alive was impossible.


the Prisoners in the camp were divided into several castes. The highest of them were former criminals, who helped the staffat the camp to keep order, and the lower two were Soviet POWs and Jews. One of the criminals for a minor infraction swung Andrey Borzenko club, for which he was sent boxer to a knockout. Such insubordination in the camp did not forgive, and Soviet prisoners of war were preparing for an emergency and merciless violence. However, bored Germans instead of shooting decided to have a massive Boxing match between prisoners of concentration camps. One of the “gladiators” became Andrey Borzenko. In case of victory, the supposed extra portion of bread. You lose were sent to the crematorium. First into the ring came the German, a former Hamburg champion in Boxing, sent to a camp for numerous robberies and murders. To oppose it is not decided none of the prisoners-of-war and Jews. Seeing this, the camp administration has increased the prize to loaf of bread and cans of corned beef. But even after that fight with the bully one-on-one decided only Andrey Borzenko, despite the fact that the difference in weight of the speakers of the boxers was 20 kg. it is not Surprising that the camp administration, bet, gave preference to the German. In vain. However, even though the enemy used a banned elbows, Andrey Borzenko in the second round has sent the opponent to a knockout.

the Primus

Gradually, Saturday Boxing matches in Buchenwald has become a tradition. However, their invariable favorite remained Russian boxer. Seeing that to win in a fair fight Andrey Borzenko is impossible, the commandant of Buchenwald was invited from the administration of the nearby concentration camps of the German champion in heavy weight among the soldiers and SS officers by name Willie. The upcoming fight had not only a large sports, political and moral significance. At the appointed hour, Andrey Borzenko climbed into the ring, judge battle was made by the commandant of the camp, and the audience, his administration and the prisoners. The fight lasted. Experienced boxers, dealing each other blows, lasted until the fourth round, when baseddecreasing tired from the resistance of the Russian boxer German Willie began to beat the opponent’s elbows and even basely struck in the groin. The judge made a remark to him, in response to which he received a blow to the head from the brutal German. The next moment Andrey Borzenko sat down and dealt the German bottom a heavy blow to the jaw. Willie collapsed to the floor. The victory was awarded to Andrey Borzenko. At the same time, oddly enough, after the shameful for the Germans losing the Russian boxer was not shot. He happily lived to see the liberation by the Americans from the concentration camp in April 1945.

Dmitry Sokolov

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