Samsung this spring, with three different phones, from its S20 range. We have the top-class device to be tested. What is ‘ultra’, this is for Galaxy S20-Ultra-really?

in The past few years, and the model is used in the Galaxy S line is always the biggest and the most powerful, technically advanced. This time Samsung has been the icing on the cake. In addition, the S20+ is also displayed in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. As the name suggests, is that it is a beast of a phone.

It feels like a large phone. He has been with 8.8 millimeters, thicker than most new smartphones and tablets. In addition, the device has a large screen diagonal of 6.9 inches. In spite of its small size, I think it’s still pretty easy to handle. That’s because it’s particularly long, and it looks thinner than, for example, the iPhone 11, Pro Max, which is a bit flatter and wider. Make no mistake about it, for one-hand operation, is the probability of still being pretty, that he is. it is A great phone with a good camera-the island is

At the draft, it is, however, a lot has changed compared to the last year’s Galaxy S10. So it is with the screen on the edge will flatten out now. It differs from person to person, but I am very happy with it. If you activate, for example, is less of something at the edge of the screen. In addition, the device is more comfortable to adopt it, because the edge is less sharp.

The biggest eye-catcher of the S20-Ultra is in the back of it. In the upper left-hand corner is a fantastic camera-the island is present, which is, moreover, quite a ride! If I set the screen to the left to touch it while it is on the table, rocking the unit to be quite.

It is also obvious that Samsung has made that choice. The S20 Ultra, the cameras, the biggest range of the S20 series. In total, you can use the phone hundreds of times to zoom in. The technology is amazing, too bad that it’s almost always beautiful photos.

Four cameras, with a huge range of

and The S20 Ultra is equipped with four cameras: one wide-angle lens, and a standaardcamera (for less than 108 mega-pixel), a depth sensor and a zoom lens. The latter is horizontal, the housing is placed. It is not possible to make such a lens right on the device, as it will still be a lot of it would stick out. Instead, it is used as a periscope. Between the lens and the sensor, the sensor is allocated, and with the mirrors, they are linked to each other, so that a further zoom is possible.

The device can have a ten times optical zoom without losing image quality. That’s a long way and it gives very good results. To Zoom in on, then it is a software used to get the details to fill in. Up to thirty times zoom, makes this for a pretty picture, but then everything is gritty. The software that is trying to be better, but often gives a mottled image. So, yes, you can have it a hundred times zoom is very useful, it is not.

in Addition, there are a couple of annoying problems with the camera. Thus, the system does not always focus on the subject or take a little. Of course this is awkward, but Samsung has promised to issue in a software update to fix it.

now, However, is convincing the adjuster of the unit. I tried a bit of running, shooting and looked to be quite free from it. That is quite an achievement in view of the impact of the aircraft with each and every step needs to be processed.

Conclusion < / p> The samsung S20-Ultra-at various points it is an excellent update from its predecessor. Thus, it is the two-dimensional screen is more comfortable and you can move the display at a refresh rate of 120Hz is very smooth. With the huge battery having a capacity of 5000 mAh battery holds a full day of it, but I had to take a half a day, and expect it to do.

in Addition, the camera is generally very good, especially in good light. In the far-zoomed-in pictures may be a rather harsh fade is added to the results to smooth it out. The handset can be hundreds of times to zoom in, but in almost all cases it is better not to do it. Up to a ten times zoom, and the photos are excellent and up to thirty times zoom is pretty. Anything after that is not very good.

The samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-cost 1.349 euro, with a considerable sum of money. Generally, you will get a very good unit, but the problems is that there is more to the cameras – but the most important part of the phone that the phone is still not ‘ultra’ is, as the name would suggest.