Residents of Novosibirsk with a temperature of 39.5 sent home from the hospital Coveney, and then found pneumonia (ill the whole family)

coordinator of the “Maimed Novosibirsk” Mikhail Ryazantsev, most likely, had coronavirus. Why we write “most likely”? Test him or his family with pneumonia do not have — are not included in the risk group. Such stories here and there pop up on social networks. The city’s residents remain in their homes one-on-one with fever, cough, and sometimes without a sense of smell. They are scared, they are doing a CT scan of the lungs at his own expense, sometimes on purpose knocking down the temperature before going to the examination. They prescribe treatment, but not fundamentally doing tests for coronavirus. To deal with the health care system for their own lives and had Michael Play with his family. We published his story, which he told in two posts on Facebook.