Celebrities, Reese Witherspoon (43), who was not ready to bring her entire wardrobe from the movie ‘Legally Blonde’ way to do it, and they have the pictures taken. Told the actress in ” The Graham Norton Show’.

At the time that the ‘Legally Blonde’ came out, it was Witherspoon, in the uk for the filming of a new movie. When she came back there was waiting a huge lot of clothes, plus the 77 pair of Jimmy Choo shoes at her. “I had it in my contract to put in. I haven’t touched on, until the tenth anniversary of the movie, and then I match it with my daughter.”

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Witherspoon played in the movie, the iconic role of Elle Woods, a clumsy, but also very, very smart woman who was admitted to Harvard university’s School of Law, and against everyone’s expectations. A second volume was published in 2003, and a third is expected by the year 2020.