Biography 04/01/20 “red-tape-monger”: what the colleagues beaten Gagarin in 1957

for a Long time, the case of the biography the first Soviet cosmonaut persistently suppressed. This is not surprising: while still a cadet flight school, Yuri Gagarin was beaten by his own colleagues. From the beating Gagarin even lost consciousness. However, his assailants will not go unpunished.

Yuri Gagarin was drafted into the Soviet Army in October 1955. The recruit was immediately sent to study at the Chkalovsky military aviation school. Before to be in the cockpit, all cadets had to go through extensive training. According to Anton Pervushin in the book “Yuri Gagarin: flight One and the whole life”, the group, which included future astronaut, sent out of town to the location of the garrison 817-th training regiment. He commanded a regiment Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Paskov.

thanks to Ivan Mikheevich and became aware of the incident with Gagarin. According to Pervushin, Polshkov told this story and even filed as evidence of the judgment, when the mother of Yuri Gagarin Anna Timofeeva decided to write about a son book. Before that the first Soviet cosmonaut had been beaten by their own colleagues, nobody knew. Such moments of pride in the country (albeit that, according to the case, and was not guilty of anything) is simply deleted.

Gagarin’s biographers Certainly the incident did not seem so beautiful. And they were right. The more that Yuri comrades generally disliked. The fact is that, if you believe George the Devil, the author of the book “I — Gagarin. “Star wars” USSR”, co-workers called future hero “red-tape-monger”: too zealously he respect the Charter. However, Gagarin, being, among other things, the assistant to the commander of the training platoon, not only he was a strict disciplinarian, but also demanded the same from others.

This trait is xaracter Gagarin did not like a lot, especially the cadet by the name of bushnev. Bushnev a couple of times warned Yuri that he was not “buried”. But Gagarin did not flinch and replied that to comply with the rules are required without exception. Then bushnev persuaded his two companions, Spanko and Oshurkova, so they beat the assistant to the commander. On the night of January 30, 1957, Spanko and well tied head towels in order to disguise it, and went “on business”. I must say, they tried “for glory”: Gagarin is said to have lost consciousness. Himself Buchnev all this time stood on the lookout.

After beating Yuri Gagarin was in a hospital bed. In the hospital he spent a couple of days. Meanwhile, his offenders were taken into custody. Towels attackers did not help: they tracked down and court-martialled. According to Vyacheslav Wilemski on the pages of his book “Yuri Gagarin in the Arctic” Hel and Spanko sentenced to three years imprisonment in a correctional camp, and the third helper, Oshurkova, sent to two years in disciplinary battalion, the so-called battalions.

Gagarin quickly recovered and by the time bushnev, Spanko Oshurkov and listened to their sentences, were already in the ranks. It is noteworthy that after the brutal beating Yury Alekseevich did not changed his principles: he continued to demand that students comply with the order and even reported to his superiors about misconduct of fellow officers.

Yulia Popova

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