The Republican fundraising committee for flipping the House in next years’ midterm elections announced Thursday that it had raised more than $105,000,000 this year, according to its September report.

This record-breaking haul, which covers nine months, represents a 74% increase in revenue over the previous cycle. It also includes $25.8million raised during the third quarter. The group now has $65million cash in its bank account, almost three times the amount it had two years ago.

“House Democrats are running toward the exits, knowing their days as majority members are over. We look forward to continuing the pressure,” Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Tom Emmer stated in a statement.

These numbers are the latest indication that Republicans are feeling energized going into the midterms. This is despite President Joe Biden’s declining popularity and their history. Midterm elections are a time when the president’s party loses almost all of its seats. Democrats currently have a narrow majority.

The September total for the Democrats’ congressional fundraising arm has yet to be released. The group did announce last month that it had raised $10,000,000 in August, surpassing the $6.5 million of the Republican House Campaign Committee.

Through the second quarter of the year, which ended June 30, the NRCC raised $45.4 million to $36.5million for the Democratic House Committee.

The total NRCC includes $19.4 Million from Kevin McCarthy, $10.3 Million from Steve Scalise, and $1.2million from Elise Stefanik. Elise Stefanik replaced Rep. Liz Cheney earlier this year who was a vocal critic for former President Donald Trump as House Republican Conference chair.