Raynaud Hakanen: the mystery of the death of a KGB agent who is betrayed by Rudolf Abel

History 18/01/20 Raynaud Hakanen: the mystery of the death of a KGB agent who betrayed Rudolf Abel

Drunkenness, immorality, and cowardice – not the best features of scout. Victim to these qualities his radio operator Raynaud Hahanna in 1957 was a Soviet spy Rudolf Abel. And behind him is a KGB agent Mikhail Svirin, Vitaly Pavlov, Alexander Korotkov, Roy Rhodes and Helen Sobel, who worked undercover in the United States and Canada. But nothing goes unpunished.

the Beginning of the path

By the time Rudolf Abel in the summer of 1953 met for the first time in new York with Raynaud Heyhanenom, he has decent experience in Soviet counterintelligence, and intelligence in Finland.

Common Karelian boy born in 1920 in the town of Casciari near Leningrad, Reino Hahnen was not much talent and had to settle for the fate of a village teacher. However, the Soviet-Finnish war, the NKVD took the national staff, and fluency in the Finnish language Reynaud Gahanna attracted to service in bodies.

So at the end of 1939, a future defector working as interpreter in counterintelligence, dealing with the interrogation of prisoners of war and identifying potential spies and anti-Soviet figures, and after the war goes to the field of intelligence.

After a year of training in Estonia, he illegally crossed in the trunk of the Finnish border with fake documents in the name of US-born Eugene Maki donkey in Lapland. There he first showed questionable personal qualities – was a bigamist, having concluded the marriage with finlyandky, while in the USSR it was waiting for the legal wife and son. However, the Soviet leadership looked at this story through your fingers – the second marriage was for the benefit of the business.

Work in USA

In new York Eugene Maki, aka Raynaud’s Hakanen, together with his second wife Hannah served 20 October 1952, received from the authorities the large sum – 3 thousand dollars. Notably,tive that no work with mark (agent alias Rudolf Abel), nor the subsequent betrayal could not be. To arrive to Rudolf Abel was another messenger, with which a Soviet agent was working with before. However, the ship on which he sailed, was wrecked in the Baltic sea, and the messenger was killed. Appointed Gahanna.

Received from Mark’s radio and money, Reino for three years he worked under the pseudonym of Vic, identifying the location of important people and carrying out the connection with the Center. Almost immediately began to show his evil tendencies: a passion for alcohol, profligacy, domestic violence, drunk scandals, the Abel report regularly to the center. His work pseudo-agent was treated so carelessly that one day even lost a hollow coin with the microfilm.

the newspaper Seller Jimmy Bozart, she discovered, delivered the findings in new York police Department, and from there it passed into the hands of the security services. Fortunately, it did not contain valuable information, and the transcript left 4 years.

the Betrayal

When, in may 1957 Gajanana under the pretext of improving all called to Moscow, he was already a complete alcoholic. Fearing to incur responsibility, he went to Paris, ostensibly intending from there to travel to West Berlin and then home, and he instead came to the Embassy of the United States to voluntarily surrender.

the Dubious form of a defector and a strong smell of alcohol that emanated from him, did not inspire the FBI and the CIA with much confidence, but in his betrayal of former Soviet agent was determined to go to the end. He made a hollow coin for the cipher and handed over all the information about your resident and other related KGB agent Michael Svirina, who worked in the UN Secretariat. The tangle began to unwind, and the thread reached before several Soviet spies working in the U.S. and Canada.

After the identification and testimonies Hahanna in court Abel has received thirty years in prison, but in 1962 the Soviets swapped it for the two agents of the United States.

the circumstances of the death

it Seemed, Reino Hakanen lightly. For spying it in the United States have condemned, allowed to remain in new Hampshire in the pay of the CIA. However, retribution came to traitor in a few years. 17 Feb 1964 Haanen died under strange circumstances.

the Official version of the death published in the New York Journal American, sounded like death in a car crash on a Pennsylvania highway. However, on the supposed site of the accident no traces of the incident were recorded. There was a rumor that the defector had been killed by a group of liquidators from the KGB. According to another unofficial version, the elimination Hahanna was the handiwork of us intelligence.

the circumstances of the death of the traitor remained unknown. A number of researchers is inclined to the version that death Hahanna was an accident on the road: considering alcoholism a former agent, so the end of his inglorious life was quite natural.

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