Billionaire expressed concern about China’s investments in ‘Barron’s Roundtable’

In an interview with FOX Business Friday, billionaire investor Ray Dalio stated that he was “deeply concerned” by war and conflict between the U.S.A and China.

Bridgewater Associates founder, John Bridgewater, was responding to backlash from earlier comments that China’s human rights records were likened to strict parenting.

Dalio stated that he wasn’t commenting about what he thought about strict parents, but was merely commenting on the differences in how they approach democracy. This Dalio spoke on ” Barron’s Roundtable.” “I have spent my entire life in China, and about half my life traveling to China. And now I find myself in between those two things. I am deeply concerned about war and about the conflict between these ideologies or these approaches. I believe there is a danger of that.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Bridgewater Associates raised approximately $1.25 Billion for its third China-based fund.


Dalio was criticised for the disappearance of Peng Shuai, a professional tennis player, and other human rights concerns.

Dalio said Tuesday that he couldn’t be an expert on these types of subjects. “I follow the rules. If the government tells me to do something, I will. But I don’t know enough about all those dynamics.

He said, “As top-down countries, what they’re doing is kind of like a strict father.” They behave like strict parents, and they do that. This is their approach. We have our own approach.”

FOX Business Friday interviewer Dalio said that he didn’t do a good job communicating the Chinese situation to American businesses.

He said, “They face the exact same question as we are dealing with.” It’s difficult to know how to approach this. We’re trying to balance these things. We also know that disengagement would have a negative impact on society, and so forth.

Sen. Sen.

“Ray Dalio, a brilliant friend, is an excellent person. But his pretend ignorance of China’s terrible abuses and rationalization for complicit investments there is a sad moral error. It is tragically shared by far too few here and throughout the rest of the free world,” Romney posted to Twitter.

China has been under increasing pressure over recent weeks for its human rights record. In response to allegations of abuses, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has demanded a boycott at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The Women’s Tennis Association also suspended plans for tournaments in China due to concerns about Peng’s treatment.