The Berlin police went out on Wednesday morning to carry out searches. The measures are related to a drug case, said a police spokeswoman.

The police have been on duty in several districts since 6 a.m., including in Neuk├Âlln and Sch├Âneberg. The spokeswoman did not initially give any further details.

The “B.Z.” had previously reported on the raid. Accordingly, the searches are to take place as a result of evaluations of Encrochat data. At least two arrests are said to have been made.

The trial against two men who are said to have sold drugs on a large scale via the encrypted mobile phone system of the crypto messenger service only began on Tuesday at the Berlin district court.

Two years ago, authorities in France and the Netherlands managed to crack the program and siphon off criminal chats for months. The yield was gigantic, especially around drug and arms trafficking.