Racing series NASCAR marred by a terrible accident

In the us the Daytona was the most prestigious race of the national championship racing prestigious NASCAR series – “Daytona 500”. The current stage of the series was opened by the President of the United States Donald trump and the competition itself was marred by a terrible accident pilot Ryan Newman.

during traditional race “Daytona 500” participants overcome 500 miles is about 800 km. Almost always there can sometimes be a huge number of accidents and collisions – this is what happened this time. Racers repeatedly hit a friend in drgw, however for the time being without serious consequences.

But the most terrible accident occurred on the last lap. The car of one of the leaders of the race pilot Newman after another clash took off, rolled over several times in the air, hit several cars. The car caught fire. And after the incident, 42-year-old pilot spoke on the radio. In the end, the scene of the accident was protected by black screens, and the driver was removed from the car and urgently sent to a local hospital.

Prestigious race of the season. 2020 opened personally by the head of the White house trump, accompanied by his wife Melania. The American President delivered a short speech, gave the command to start the motors and even ran a symbolic lap around the track in the presidential limousine. However, immediately after the opening ceremony the rain started, and the start of the race had to be postponed for a few hours.