They are market gardeners, musicians, fisherwomen, basketball coaches or retirees. What they have in common is that they are all committed to their community. And deeply inspiring.

The media are sometimes criticized for having a penchant for bad news. The criticism is not unfounded: it is our role to scrutinize the work of those who govern us, to reveal unmentionable secrets, to flush out scandals. Essential work, fundamental to the democratic health of our society. But not always very jojo, it must be said.

From there to claiming that “happy people have no history”, as an old saying goes, there is a step not to take, as our project Le Québec en mouvement demonstrates, the fruit of labor of all sections of the newspaper – including the newest one, In Photos, which we’re launching today.

This collective effort kicks off a weekly series that will continue through the summer. The mission of our journalists and photographers: to bring you to meet ordinary Quebecers… anything but ordinary. Passionate and enlightened people, who dared to dream to breathe new life into their part of the country.

So I invite you to discover these reports from a man’s point of view, and a woman’s of course! They’ll take you today from Saint-Fulgence – where market gardeners grow organic vegetables under the improbable “three suns” of this Saguenay village – to Baie des Chaleurs, where Captain Camille Gagné smashed a ceiling of glass by becoming the first owner-operator of a snow crab fishing license in Gaspésie.

Happy people do have stories. It is a pleasure for us to tell you about them.