A month after the murder of a mother of six from Afghanistan, allegedly by her husband, initiatives want to protest against violence against women and demand clarification. The demonstration begins on May 29 at the Pankow S-Bahn station, according to an alliance of groups.

The “complicity of state organs” was again criticized because the police did not help the woman enough despite multiple reports against the violent husband. The alliance demanded that the perpetrator not be deported to Afghanistan because the “Taliban would welcome him there with open arms”. He should be tried in Berlin. In addition, an independent body must review the entire case.

The Berlin police are currently investigating whether they made mistakes and did not adequately protect the woman. It is being examined whether internal disciplinary measures will be taken against officials.

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The 31-year-old woman was brutally killed with a knife on April 29 near a playground in Berlin-Pankow in the presence of her children. Her 42-year-old husband, from whom she had separated, is in custody as the alleged perpetrator.