on Friday, the International Day of Happiness. Then it is the best country in the world to be published. Create happiness for your health? Five questions to geluksprofessor’ Ruut Veenhoven, who for more than thirty years of research into happiness and wellbeing.

“Yes.” In a number of ways: people who are happy make better for themselves. They smoke and drink less, and to follow medical advice, the better, such as a medication diligence. They also have a more valuable set of social relations. But happy people can have, above all, less stress. Stress reduction seems to be the most important mechanism for the beneficial effects of happiness on health.”

“stress makes the body ready to fight or flee. In addition, it is immediately saved on to the other features. Not only are you living and what is less good is consumed, the body is cut on the immune response. The result of this is that unhappy people are more susceptible to infection. It has been observed experimentally with a common cold.”

“good Luck, it is a sign of the nature of the thing. If you think about it, there is little reason to flight or to fight.”

“Seriously ill patients tend to be less miserable than you might expect.”

Ruut Veenhoven, ‘geluksprofessor’ < / p>

“Yes.” By luck, protect against disease, and relieve stress. Stress blood pressure for example, will rise, increasing the risk of heart disease increases as well. The size of the effect is comparable to not smoking, people who are happy to live a few years longer than those who do not. As with smoking, the number may vary depending on things like age and physical ability.

“Yes, of course, the effect of health on happiness is weaker than the effect of happiness on health. Seriously sick of people seem to be, for example, are less miserable than you might expect.”

“Self-help books are like travel guides. They are aware of the potential causes of the accident and the possible ways in which to deal with them. The disadvantage is that they are meant for all of us, with the potential for greater happiness, greatly depend on the person and the situation. This is different than in health, where exercise and eating fruits for almost everyone, it is good.”

“With luck, the trick is to find out what lifestyle is right for you. This is partly a matter of testing and trial and error. Think back to the partner. However, there are also zelfhulpmethoden to help you with your search. In conjunction with a health insurance company, I developed, for example, the Gelukswijzer, which are intended to be more informed life choices as possible. For example, if you’re not a better job, closer to home, you can find it or have more time for your life to be free to make it. It seems to be working.”

you can be a Pro. dr. Veenhoven is emeritus professor of social conditions for human happiness at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the netherlands, and extraordinary professor at North-West University, South Africa.