According to insiders, talks between Turkey and Finland and Sweden about NATO accession for the two Nordic countries are making little progress. “It’s not easy,” says a representative from Turkey. Concrete steps would have to be taken, which could be painful. The talks would continue, but there is no date yet. Delegations from Finland and Sweden were in Turkey this week to allay Turkey’s concerns. All 30 countries must agree to join NATO. However, Turkey opposes this. (Reuters)

At least 8,766 civilians have been injured or killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began three months ago, according to the United Nations. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Friday in Geneva that 4,031 people had died and 4,735 others were injured.

According to the information, 261 children are among those killed. Another 406 girls and boys were injured. According to the High Commissioner, the information on the civilian casualties recorded relates to the period from the start of the Russian invasion on February 24 to Thursday. The actual number of civilians killed and injured is likely to be much higher, it said.

Most civilians were killed or injured when fired from explosive weapons – such as artillery and rocket launchers – from a wide radius. In addition, civilians were hit in airstrikes. The intentional shelling of residential areas and civilians is a war crime, according to the High Commissioner. (epd)