The ophokplicht for the purpose of commercial poultry will be extended. That the minister of Agriculture, Carola Schouten on Wednesday in the lower house. This is a precautionary measure, due to vogelgriepbesmettingen, in Germany, in the middle of the month.

On the 12th of February, in the ophokplicht set up because of the infected with the H5N8 bird flu in German, Bretzfeld. The infection, it would increase the chances of the case in the Netherlands. The wild birds will be able to have such a virus to pass it on.

now, six weeks after this decision, a group of experts to review the situation. That’s what happened on the 6th of march, and the risk appeared to be smaller.

it is less risk, may mean that the ophokplicht would have to be suspended, but the minister will now know that new infections in 13-and 21 march in Germany, however, has led to an extension of the ophokplicht.

“The experts, these findings do not, in their opinion, to take home with them. I have, therefore, as a matter of precaution, it decided ophokplicht for the time being in a position to keep up,” said Schouten. Over a period of four weeks, the situation has been reviewed by the experts.