42 Premier League players and staff were positive for Covid-19 during the week. This is the highest number of such tests in the league in a seven-day span.

This is the highest reported number of cases since January when 40 cases were reported.

2,295 tests were performed during that week. 3,805 tests were completed in the most recent round between 6-12 December.

Brighton, Tottenham and Leicester have confirmed their cases. United’s game against Brentford is in doubt.

After a Covid-19 epidemic at Spurs, Sunday’s Brighton fixture against Tottenham was postponed.

The previous week saw 16 positive tests, which was when there were 3,060.

42 new results were reported, which is 30 more than the 12 positives from 3154 tests between 29 November and 5 December.

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The Premier League instructed clubs on Thursday to return to emergency measures after the introduction of coronavirus rules to England. This included social distancing, wearing masks, and other measures.

Monday’s league statement stated that PCR and lateral flow tests would be more frequent for staff and players.

“We will continue our close collaboration with the government, local authorities, and supporter groups while being responsive to any future modifications to national or local direction.”

Fans will be required to present proof of double vaccinations or a negative test in order to attend sporting events that draw more than 10,000 spectators in England starting Wednesday. This includes Premier League matches.

Which Premier League teams have Covid-19 outbreaks

Tottenham’s Europa Conference League game against Rennes was canceled on Thursday due to the outbreak.

A number of Leicester player were also unable to travel to Italy on Thursday due to positive Covid-19 test results.

United is in talks with Premier League to determine if it’s safe to play their game at Brentford. This comes after their club closed their training grounds for 24 hours in order to reduce transmission risk.

Aston Villaboss Steven Gerrard said that “a few staff members and some players” had tested positive, but maintained that the majority were negative.

He stated that Tuesday’s match against Norwich was not in doubt. Dean Smith, Canaries boss, said that one of his players was isolated but that the rest of the squad had all tested negative on Sunday.

Graham Potter, Brighton’s head coach, says that there are “three to four” positive cases.

Due to an outbreak in QPR’s squad, Sheffield United’s match against QPR Monday is cancelled.

What do Premier League managers think about Covid-19?

Thomas Frank, Brentford’s boss, stated that they plan for their match against Manchester United to proceed. He also echoed Mikel Arteta from Arsenal in , calling for more clarity from the Premier League regarding postponements by Covid-19.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, said that he encourages his players get a vaccine booster. He added: “We talk with the players every day and to warn them to be careful. Keep your health in check, use masks and keep your social distance.

However, Burnleymanager Sean Diche said that he doesn’t “preach the players” about vaccines. But, Norwich’s Smith stated that the Canaries are “highly vaccinated”.

Dyche said, “We have certain players who don’t have the complete vaccination. Everybody has the option to choose, I personally have all three because I believe it’s right.

What rules apply to Premier League fans?

Fans will need to prove that they have been vaccinated twice or passed a negative test in order to be allowed to participate in sporting events with more than 10,000 people in England.

Spot checks have been conducted by Premier League clubs on their fans this season. Tottenham, Chelsea, and Brighton are among the ones to require Covid passes.

On Wednesday, Brighton will play Wolves in Premier League. Seagulls chief executive Paul Barber stated that he hopes that fans follow new measures and there won’t be any restrictions on attendance.

Barber stated that Brighton fans would need to sign an online declaration before the match and wear masks inside.

Barber said, “It seems like a small price for keeping each other secure, protecting the NHS, and hopefully keeping the stadium open at a full capacity.”

“The government expects us to do more random checks than we have previously so it is possible that it will take longer for us to get in.”