Erpe-Mere, belgium a Tattoo artist, and ‘Temptation Island’, the face, the Pommeline Tillière (25) will open in early 2020 along with the Gentsesteenweg in Erpe-Mere, belgium) is a private tattoo shop. They will also be available in the region to live in.

coming Soon, let Pommeline As completely out of him. “It is true that I am soon to be in the sub-municipality of Erpe point, but there is still a lot of work,” says the blonde woman. The building, which was Pommeline rent right in front of diy store Heco, and is embedded between the Heating and the Plumbing Of the van der Vurst, ” and ” Sierschouwen and a heat De Boever’ after the demise of the pralinezaak a new future.

“For me, it’s a little bit of back home,” she said. “I’m originally from Paris, district of Destelbergen and has worked in the past will always be in Wetteren.” Another reason for the return from the far Limburg, in the presence of a Pommelines them. “They are in a Party, and has always been a sort of second mom for me. Therefore, I wanted to be back close to the hair to live in.”

For this reason, are looking for Pommeline an apartment in the area. “I saw something cool in Smetlede, but it doesn’t go all the way around, but I think I’m at least looking forward to it.” Pommeline, it will be soon, in any case, it has to show are in Erpe-Mere, belgium) as Members.