Please sit at home, for all you do: in Novosibirsk, earned shipping of the largest hypermarket

Despite the fact that the weather in the city pleases its warmth, many continue to follow a policy of self-isolation (and rightly so!) and carry everything in online: sports, study, play and even shopping. Now, for you in the supermarket for products coming off the employee the Internet-shop “Korinami” and will deliver packages to your home.

In “Korinami” all the goods are sold at the same low prices as in the store. Products are categorized and they are easy to find. For example, if you are looking for cheese, then go to section “Dairy products”, choose column “Cheese” and put you need in a virtual shopping cart. By the way, in addition to food there are a lot of products for home care, personal and baby care products, pet products and much more. The full range can be found on the website “Korinami”.

For quality products do not worry, the staff of “Korinami” will choose for you the best, as for myself: check the package integrity, shelf life and appearance.

Orders in the online shop are accepted around the clock, and couriers deliver them without contact from 10:00 to 23:00 and meet all temperature standards. All substitutions in the basket and any exceptions the staff will agree with you personally. You can pay in any convenient way: online or upon receipt.

the Products are delivered even to remote areas: Ob, Berdsk, settlement of Koltsovo, Krasnoobsk village, microdistrict Obges, Razdolnoe village, the village of Marusino. And the shipping cost depends on the purchase amount.

When you order for an amount not less than 1500 rubles — 299 rubles.If you order for the sum from 1500 to 2500 rubles — 249 rubles.When ordering in the amount of 2500 rubles or more — 199 rubles.

to order products from the hypermarket “Giant” in the Internet-shop “Carsinoma” or by phone: +7 (383) 303-42-75; +7 (383) 286-42-75, via WhatsApp: +7-913-007-42-75.

OOO “KORINAMI”, Novosibirsk, transportation of the Energycov 8. Bin: 1165476072827.