In Kortrijk, The Foundation for Alzheimer’s disease Research is held for the fourth consecutive year, the Belgian Alzheimer’s disease, cupcakemaand. In september it will be selling cupcakes to raise funds for the Belgian Alzheimeronderzoek.

the Hospital of AZ Groeninge in High-Kortrijk, will jump on the wagon. Staff members from the departments of neurology, geriatrics, and geheugenkliniek sold vrijdagvoormiddag of 1,000 cupcakes. Also, a top chef, and streekgenoot by Piet Huysentruyt, a national ambassador of the campaign, slumped to the AZ Groeninge hospital, to the cupcakes and decorations, and selling it on the patio on the Right. “We appreciate the tremendous Piet Huysentruyt time it took to get the sales to support that,” says Stefaan Lammertyn, the president of the AZ Groeninge hospital. The cupcakes were baked by the pupils of the Rhizo-train station in Kortrijk, belgium. The cupcakes got decorated, 2, and onversierd for 1 euro.