Piers Morgan takes the ultimate revenge on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Piers will delight TV viewers when he returns to television soon. He is vengeful against ITV and Good Morning Britain. Six of their most important production staff members have been taken by him.

TalkTV’s former Good Morning Britain host is preparing to launch his new prime time show. The Mail was told by an insider that they have “nicked all of the best people.”

Piers’ untimely exit from Good Morning Britain was commented by another source. According to the source, Piers is not a man you should cross. He was forced to leave ITV completely unnecessarily, and now he is taking their stars as revenge.”

“He only hired people he believes are the best, so this is a big blow to the channel.”
Piers has been getting ready for his return to television and his state of the-art studio is almost ready. Piers shared a glimpse of his studio on Twitter a few days ago.

Piers also commented on the studio shot: “Breaking: First (very early), glimpse of my spanking, new work home.

“If you judge men by the size and condition of their studios, then I’ll be MASSIVE when I launch my global prime-time television show in a few weeks.” Pssst, these are not dance-floor lights…

The studio’s progress was well-received by Instagram users, who were excited to hear about Piers’ return. One fan wrote: “Cannot wait for you back and calling all the woke brigade out and exposing them each one by one.”
Piers, they have been given free rein to run their business in your absence. Studio …. You are worth it.”
Another fan said, “Can’t wait!” It’s taken way too long.”