Classically-trained, Pianist Cao Son Nguyen grew up in a business family, began studying himself at the age of 14 and even earned two performance degrees.

Then, he almost gave up on his music as he loves playing “League Of Legends”…

However, he found his love for the talent again through YouTube and now has already awarded the “Silver Play Button” for surpassing 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

He stretches the boundaries on the piano with his loop pedal and complex arrangements of the most popular songs in music.

His first viral album was ‘Ballad Disney Piano Theme‘ and is also known for other albums like ‘Keys Say’in Aww‘ and ‘Nhớ, Vol.1′.  He performed songs in ‘Ballad Disney Piano Theme’ on streams and many other live shows.

In October 2019, Cao Son has launched the new album called “Nhi Oiiiiiiii” for his lovely girlfriend “Nguyen Thi Cam Nhi”, the girl who doesn’t use Facebook, just hanging on her private Instagram account @camnhi_ (based on @nggcaoson Instagram’s biography)

This is Cao Son Nguyen's Girlfriend

This is Cao Son Nguyen’s Girlfriend

The album includes some of these Vietnamese songs, based on Cao Son’s experience of listening to the earphones on the bus to university. Featuring “Nước Mắt Em Lau Bằng Tình Yêu Mới”, “Anh Đã Bỏ Hút Thuốc Chưa?”, “Sóng Gió”, and many more…

This album is the second album of describing his love story. The first album is “i found you“, which was released in September 2019. Link is here:

The album name “Nhi Oiiiiiiii” including 8 letters “i” means that the relationship between Son and Nhi started in August, that is also the meaning of this album

Since her name is Cam Nhi, Cao Son also signed for a new label “CamNhisincenow” means that since now, Cam Nhi is owned by Cao Son. Such a romantic boy !

Listen to his album “Nhi Oiiiiiiii” here:

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