Peter Gibson, the Conservative candidate for Darlington, recently shared his plans and policies for the area in response to ten pressing questions posed by North East Bylines.

When asked about his plan for economic revival in the North East, Gibson emphasized the importance of levelling up to create new jobs, training opportunities, and infrastructure investment in Darlington. He believes that providing people with the necessary skills for local jobs and improving transportation options will unlock economic opportunities in the area.

In terms of meeting the UK’s Net Zero targets, Gibson highlighted the region’s progress in decarbonization, with a significant portion of energy now coming from renewable sources. He pointed to projects such as new nuclear, offshore wind, solar, and carbon capture and storage as key initiatives driving job opportunities in Teesside.

Addressing child poverty in the North East, Gibson suggested that enhancing job and training opportunities, lowering taxes, and raising the living wage are essential strategies. He also mentioned supporting benefits, housing, and cost of living to help those in need.

On the topic of the conflict in Gaza, Gibson stressed the importance of releasing hostages held by Hamas and working towards a two-state solution for lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian people.

When discussing education, Gibson acknowledged the pressure to expand the curriculum but expressed his support for including topics such as knife crime awareness, mental health, online safety, and financial literacy. He emphasized the need for all students to leave school with essential math and English qualifications.

Regarding environmental protection, Gibson highlighted efforts to monitor storm overflows and the impact of the Environment Act of 2021 in addressing water contamination issues.

In terms of Brexit, Gibson pointed out the benefits of entering free trade deals with countries like New Zealand and Australia, as well as the growth in manufacturing and exports. He also noted specific achievements such as removing VAT from sanitary products and ending the live export of cattle.

When it comes to advocating for fair pay for NHS staff, Gibson mentioned that NHS pay is reviewed by independent bodies to ensure fairness.

In an interesting response to a question about seeking advice from a historical figure, Gibson expressed a desire to gather various great leaders like Churchill, Attlee, Thatcher, and Macmillan to discuss current challenges.

Lastly, Gibson emphasized his commitment to representing all constituents, regardless of their voting preferences. He highlighted his track record of serving the people of Darlington and building bridges across communities.

Overall, Peter Gibson’s responses shed light on his vision for Darlington and his priorities for addressing key issues in the region.