A financial company determined how many drinks everyone in the UK Would Have to buy in their local pub to Compensate for the lockdown

For lovers of pubs , it’s time to start drinking.

As lockdown regulations throughout the world begin to ease up, most bars and restaurants are celebrating the capability to reopen their dining rooms. While a lot of people are delighted to get out, these businesses still have to deal with the fact that they had to shut down or reduce business for over a year.

This amount is based on the amount of money the food and drink industry lost in relation to the normal cost of a pint.

The study was conducted by a financial company named Business Debt. According to the company, the business needs to recover over $36 billion.

The firm also determined that individuals who don’t drink also have an alternative.

Hopefully, restaurants and bars don’t have to take care of a different lockdown.

Even though England is moving ahead with reopening plans, the country is still being cautious. Since Fox News previously reported, officials are allegedly keeping an eye on a variant of this virus which was first identified in India.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said,”We are maintaining the spread of the version identified in India under close observation and taking swift action where disease rates are climbing. I recommend everyone to be careful and take accountability when enjoying new freedoms today so as to keep the virus at bay.”