The IOC did not release any details about the call.

Wednesday’s claim by the International Olympic Committee was that it had a second call with Peng Shuai, a Chinese tennis player. This is after the Women’s Tennis Association’s (WTA), decision to suspend all tournaments held in China and Hong Kong.

Peng, 35, posted a Weibo post claiming that she was subject to sexual abuse by China’s former vice president Zhang Gaoli. Peng claims that Zhang, 75, made her have sex after a three-year-old round of tennis.

Peng was quickly removed from social media and has been gone since. requested that tennis officials and players, led by Steve Simon, CEO of WTA, investigate Peng’s claims and provide assurances about her safety and well-being.

On Nov. 21, , the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) stated that Peng had a 30-minute conversation with its leadership. During this call, Peng thanked the IOC and said she is safe and well in Beijing. She also expressed her desire for her privacy to be respected.

Simon finally took the threat to remove all tournaments of the WTA from China after the WTA did not respond to his concerns.

The IOC then Announcement It held another video conference with Peng. During the call, the organization offered “wide-ranging assistance” and promised to keep in touch with Peng ahead of a January personal meeting. As it did with the first call it did not release photos of the call and it did not give any other details.

The IOC emphasized its use of “quiet diplomaticy” to address Peng’s problem. This approach has been criticized by many as being friendly with Beijing in order to avoid putting at risk the 2022 Winter Olympics which are set to begin in February. “Quiet diplomacy” continues to be cited by the IOC as “the most promising approach to achieving effective results in humanitarian matters.”

The WTA told Fox News in an email that the organization received another email from Peng on Thursday, to which leadership responded.

Fox News was told by a WTA spokesperson that she was happy to hear from her. “However, we have repeatedly stated that our concerns remain about the influence of others on these emails and that she is safe, free and not subjected to censorship or coercion, intimidation.

“We stand behind everything we said in yesterday’s statement and the preceding statements.”

Simon announced that all WTA tournaments in China or Hong Kong would be suspended. He stated, “If powerful people can suppress women’s voices and sweep under the carpet allegations of sexual assault, then the foundation on which the WTA was established – equality for females – will suffer an enormous setback.”

Beijing claims it is unaware of Peng’s current situation. However, Zhao Lijian, a Ministry spokesperson, criticized the west media for “deliberately or maliciously hype [the topic] up.”