(Paris) A metro driver was indicted Friday in Paris for manslaughter in rail transport after the death on April 22 of a woman caught by a train, her jacket having remained stuck in the doors, learned the AFP from a judicial source.

The prosecution had requested a driving ban against him, added this source, specifying that the driver was not placed under judicial control.

This offense is punishable by five years in prison, according to the transport code.

This driver, an RATP employee for 15 years, was placed in police custody on Thursday.

The Force Ouvrière union called on the drivers of the RATP network to “exercise their right of withdrawal” on Friday in support of their colleague, that is to say to refuse to take their job.

At 1:30 p.m., traffic resumed “gradually” on line 6 (connecting Charles de Gaulle, Étoile and Nation), on which the accident took place. No train had traveled there since the start of service at 5:45 a.m. Traffic was also disrupted on line 9 and restored on lines 5 and 7 after morning disruptions.

According to the prosecution, alcohol and narcotics tests carried out on the driver turned out to be negative.

“Following the investigations will aim to analyze all the circumstances that led to the death of the traveler,” added the public prosecutor, indicating that the Land Transport Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA-TT) had also opened a technical investigation.

The victim, a woman in her forties, died last Saturday at the Bel-Air station, hit by a train while her jacket was stuck in the automatic doors. An investigation was opened and entrusted to the police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

A few days later, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, a homeless man and woman died after being hit by a metro train in Paris. After these tragedies, the RATP assured that it was going to “further strengthen” the prevention campaigns.