Panarin, Buchnevich and Georgiev won with Rangers

Three Russian hockey player playing in the club of the National hockey League “new York Rangers” helped her team win the away match against “Minnesota wild”. Artemiy Panarin and Pavel buchnevich scored a goal and Alexander Georgiev was better than his counterpart in the shootout.

In the beginning of the match the rivals exchanged three “stitching” strokes: two goals of the hosts from Donato and Brodina accurate shots said Panarin. At the end of the second period, Greenaway made the score 3:1 in favor of the predators, but the third among the distinguished guests Buchnevich and Sibania with transmission pros.

the Score in regulation time was 3:3, extra time when the teams played in the “three on three”, the result is not changed and the judges have appointed a series of bullets. Goalkeeper Georgiev has reflected 23 throws from 26 during the game and helped the Rangers to defeat at the end of the exchange postgame free throws, reflecting two of the bullet. But Panarin and Sibania their shots to convert.