(Ottawa) Premier François Legault’s wish could finally be granted. Canada and the United States are said to have finally reached an agreement on irregular migration to close Roxham Road.

The news of this agreement between Ottawa and Washington was first reported by Radio-Canada on Thursday. La Presse was unable to confirm this information.

“We may have something to announce,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had dropped the day before, without opening his game further.

Calls for Roxham Road to be closed have been growing since thousands of asylum seekers started crossing it again. The federal Department of Immigration reports that there were a total of 9,392 interceptions in Quebec in January and February 2023.

The pressure was growing for this irregular passage to be closed. Quebec Premier François Legault reiterated his request again on Thursday. The Bloc Québécois also sent a letter to the United States Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, calling for the closure of Roxham Road and the suspension of the Safe Third Country Agreement. Canada and the United States have been trying to renegotiate this agreement for several years.

More details to come.