Organize, and not be distracted by little things: a list of useful tools for organizing a home office

Not everyone is ready to adapt yourself and your business to a new format. Igor Mann, the best marketer of Russia, and the Bitrix24 service share recommendations on how to quickly and painlessly go to work from home with the help of modern tools.

— Reasons to go online are different: budget saving, geographically extensive business, office is not needed physically, the decision of the founders. Now add another reason — isolation. Not everyone is like that. Even me I am offline old school. I like to meet people. But I don’t want to get sick and infect others, so completely switched to remote work. This is our new reality, Mann said.

Here are 4 important questions that need to be addressed when working online: communication, personal effectiveness, workplace, and family.


Communication is a business, so there is no margin for error.


one operating system, otherwise there will be difficulties when converting files (for example, MacOS); one cloud storage system information (the larger the company the more information); telephony; instant messaging; video conferencing; email; calendar; system coordination / approval of documents; management system projects; dashboards of key performance indicators (for executives and key employees).

Programs, services, and applications for these tasks are many — you can try, to experiment, and you can see what others use.

In most of my businesses, we use Bitrix24. 3 APR colleagues announced a new version of the app, and adapted its product to the rapid transition of offline business to remote working — says the expert.

As in “Bitrix24”?

Bitrix24 has all the necessary tools to work remotely. Bitrix24 is a unified information space for the entire team: the enterprise social network, working groupss and news.