History 09/01/20 Operation “Treason”: why the Germans began to fire on Soviet defectors

Now, around the theme of the great Patriotic War “overgrow” many myths and unsubstantiated rumors. One of them is the assertion that Soviet soldiers surrendered to the Nazis captured “packets” almost a hundred at a time. In fact, it was not so.

As the soldiers surrendered

At the beginning of the war in the Soviet Union, the Wehrmacht often used one of the most effective strategies as the tank attack. Heavy equipment wedges, crashed into the ranks of the enemy, demoralizing and suppressing it.

So for a month the Germans conquered Poland and 44 days — France. In the same way it was taken Kiev. Then the Red Army was attacked by the powerful blows of the fascist tanks and were surrounded. Such tactics on many fronts brought the Nazis success and forced Soviet soldiers to surrender. This was stated by the researcher of the Stalin era, publicist Igor Pyhalov in the book “the Siege myths”.

However, the number of captive red army soldiers is comparable to the number of Nazis and their allies taken prisoner by the Soviet army. According to the testimony of the historian Mikhail Frolov (book “Adolf Hitler”) and military journalist Yuri Krinova (“Luga line”), our captive, the Germans were about 4-6 million. At the same time on account of the red Army — more than 2.3 million Germans, half a million Hungarians, 180 thousand Romanians, 150 thousand Austrians, etc.

“Operation Treason”

all of the surrendered red army soldiers in the Homeland there was only one verdict — death. Stalin was adamant in this regard. In a climate of war, the Soviet government considered surrender not as an emergency attempt to save his life, but as treason. It was supposed execution (article 58-1A of the criminal code of the RSFSR).

in Order to reduce the number of “defectors” and the loyalty of the Wehrmacht to the dealer, the staff of the SMERSH invented in the summer of 1943 the operation, codenamed “Treason”. This bold idea could only come up with the seasoned counterintelligence.

the Essence of the operation was to prepare a small group of 4-5 people bogus “defectors”. They had to approach the trenches of the Nazis with his hands up, supposedly wanting to give up. Approaching a sufficient distance, fake defectors Nazis threw grenades and returned to his. The departure of such groups was supported by the fire of Soviet artillery and infantry.

This simple and brilliant idea demanded from the performers courage. Not all after surgery returned alive, and the volunteers knew it. Future “defectors” were carefully chosen: we investigated the personal Affairs, checked on moral fortitude. Then a specially prepared terrain, similar to the one where the surgery will be performed.

it All began on the Bryansk front on 2-3 July. In a Memorandum to the chief of counterintelligence of SMERSH Viktor Abakumov — stated that in the first 2 group dummy defectors included the counterintelligence and fired the penalty box, “daring, strong-willed and loyal”. The operation was more than successful. This turn of events, the Nazis were not ready .

the Results of the activities of the SMERSH

the Operation of “Treason” were held in different parts of the Bryansk front. Survived several secret memos Alone, from which it is clear that the attacks of the Soviet counterintelligence and the penalty box was a success. One RAID destroyed several dozen soldiers of the Wehrmacht. But it was the most important point of the entire operation.

“Treason” had a great impact psychologically on the swing as the red army and the Nazis. After several attacks with grenades, the Germans stopped to take a suspicious group of defectors.

They warned those wishing to surrender to go alone. Group of soldiers with their hands up were shot on the spot, not allowing them closer to the trenches. Very much liked the Nazis own vulnerability before those who supposedly wants to move to their side. Cases of voluntary transfer of soldiers to the enemy is also markedly diminished.

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