History 23/01/20 “Operation Pastorius”: how Hitler planned to defeat the United States

Immediately after world war II, former Nazi generals began to blame military failures of Hitler. Indeed, a great military leader he was not, but the simple truth is well understood. One of them is that success in the long war depends on the economy. The threat and potential of the American war machine, Hitler was evaluated by real, but because already in 1941, attempted to take the USA out of the game.

Plan and preparation of “operation Pastorius”

the United States did not pose a danger to the Third Reich while at war with Japan and was limited to the Pacific theater of operations. But when the Americans in December 1941 declared war on Germany, it became apparent the whole gravity of the situation. Then the Abwehr was made up of “operation Pastorius” is quite adventurous, but not hopeless. However, its implementation went without a German pedantry.

the Rate of surgery was done to sabotage and terrorist actions on the territory of the United States. To do this, the Abwehr had recruited 8 people in Germany, had lived in the United States. Two of them at the time of surgery were American citizens. Future saboteurs were trained on a specialized military base near Berlin, where taught mainly the creation and use of explosives.

it was Assumed that abandoned the U.S. agents engaged in sabotage of strategically important industrial sites. For the detonation was scheduled a number of purposes: hydroelectric power station at Niagara falls, the locks on the Ohio river, an aluminum plant in Illinois, the bridge in new York, the railway communications of Pennsylvania, etc.

Ship of fools

It is an informal name given of the operation because of her poor organization, David Lippmann in his study on the subject. Despite the fact that trained diversanti was good, and curb and generally above all praise, the rest of the training was a complete failure. Though, because as agents were chosen adventurers and slackers, not having the slightest idea of discipline. Not surprisingly, the landing ended, respectively.

the First puncture happened before the operation. First, one of the saboteurs, being drunk, in one of the Parisian restaurants, told about his mission. And then another member of the operation forgot your papers in the train. With grief in half, two groups of saboteurs (for 4 people) was still delivered submarines to the shores of America. And when landing near new York submarine ran aground and was almost discovered by the coast guard. Spies were planted in full German uniform to avoid being mistaken for spies, and they fall under the category of prisoners of war.

the failure of the operation

Joseph Persico’s book, “the Secret war FDR” wonders how on 12 June 1942 the first group of saboteurs landed in a German uniform with explosives, counterfeit documents and a bunch of dollars in the pockets managed to get to new York. On the shore, they buried form in the sand and to the soldiers of the coast guard were posing as fishermen. The second group landed later in the day in Florida in bathing suits and Nazi caps (to wear full kit saboteurs was considered too tedious) – without any excesses.

Later, as planned, the two groups met in Cincinnati. But instead of having to deal with sabotage, the Germans were fond of spending the allocated money. The commander of the first group, George dash, and all decided to risk their full life for the sake of distant Germany stupid and suggested his friend, the saboteur Ernst Burger to surrender to the FBI. What eventually was done.

the Trial and punishment

Betrayal Dasha and Burger saved their lives. By that time, as the first came to the FBI with a story about their mission, the spies were already looking – their form wason the beach, and the guards told suspicious “fishermen”. A military Tribunal sentenced six of the hapless saboteurs to death, of Burger to life imprisonment, and Dasha – to 30-year term. The saboteurs were executed in August 1942.

In 1948 the then U.S. President Harry Truman released and deported Burger and Dasha in Germany, where they died: the first in 1989 and second in 1992.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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