Operation Kaskad: how the KGB fought

History 03/01/20 Operation Kaskad: how the KGB fought “foreign parts” Bandera

In 1945, when the governing structure of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists* moved to West Germany, Bandera created the so-called “foreign parts of the OUN*”. Their task remained the same – the struggle against the Bolshevik power in Ukraine. In turn, the Soviet state security of the postwar decades has made efforts to neutralize the “foreign centers of reactionary emigration.” One of the major successes of the KGB became a counter-intelligence operation “Cascade”, held 10 years from 1973 to 1983.

Wrong “Mar”

the operation of “Cascade” known through the publication of the Network report of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR, the original of which is stored in the Special archive of Lithuania.

In the 1960-ies of the Bandera emigre decided to recreate the underground in the Ukraine. For this, they were attracted by “old cadres” of the nationalists, not knowing that many of them have been recruited by the KGB. One of these “peremestit” was agent “Mar”, which during the great Patriotic war he headed the youth group of the OUN* Lviv Polytechnic Institute. “March” was convicted for anti-Soviet operations in 1960, and came back from prison in 2 years, settled in Ivano-Frankivsk and agreed to cooperate with the KGB. The value of an agent was the fact that she was personally acquainted with Evgenia Music – the wife of the leader of the “foreign parts” of Yaroslav Stetsko.

In 1969 with “Martha” was found came to Ukraine as a tourist emissary OUN* – Uniate priest in heaven. The agent convinced him that he continues to work with colleagues to conduct a covert struggle with the Communists. She handed the letter to Eugenia Music – thus, the KGB established a communication channel to deceive the leaders of the CC. Regular correspondence “Martha” with Music and Stetsko began in 1972. Immigrants strongly “stimulated” supporter in Ukraine, Pristraveler from abroad valuables. In the early stages of the game “Mar” only talked about “the situation in Ukraine” in line with the need of the KGB.


the operation of “Cascade” started in October 1973. Connection “Martha” with Music and Stetsko allowed the Soviet authorities to identify the active members of the underground and prevent their actions in Ukraine. In 1976, the March met in Poland with the American Ukrainian Maria fahrion, who thanked her for her cooperation and gave $ 2,200 on “organizational needs” group, as well as a large party of nationalist propaganda material on microforms. In turn, the agent promised to follow all the instructions Stetsko.

“Mar” periodically sent to a fake address zch OUN* promptly best information about activities allegedly carried out by its group, in accordance with the instructions of accentra, – stated in the report of the KGB. – Simultaneously for localization of hostile aspirations Bandera specific examples of bringing to criminal liability of those involved in nationalist activities in a reserved manner, but systematically OUN* instills the idea of the insolvency of their recommendations on carrying out in the Republic of open anti-Soviet actions”.

In 1978, “March” was introduced to the “Central wire” AF OUN*.

it is Noteworthy that the curators of the KGB constantly waged with agent “educational work” – that it really did not come back to the nationalist ideals held as a youth.

the End of the “Cascade”

Thanks to the “Cascade” was able to thwart the actions of Bandera in particular, timed for the Olympics-80. However, in connection with the aggravation of the international situation the Soviet secret police took over a major success. In 1983, during a visit of Marta in Poland at the safe house, was arrested the next messenger of Stetsko and Music – 34-year-old French citizen Irina green, in which was discovered a suitcase with 8 caches. This event received reasonNS in the Western media and caused serious discord among the Ukrainian emigration. Taken by the Green propaganda was demonstrated by the Soviet and foreign journalists at the KGB arranged a press conference in Kiev. In this role the 62-year-old “Martha” has ended. Importantly, she was not discredited in the eyes of the nationalists.

* the organization is banned in Russia.

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