Oles Bykov: why the son of Leonid Bykov escaped from the USSR

Biography 19/12/19 frame of felmales Bulls: why the son of Leonid Bykov escaped from the USSR

the life of the honored artist of Russia Leonid Bykov has never been simple: a wartime childhood, a long way to recognizing, fighting with officials, heart disease. A lot of trouble was taken Bykov and son Oles. He constantly gets into some scrapes and repeatedly treated in psychiatric clinics.


Leonid Bykov was married only once. He lived with Tamara Konstantinovna (nee Kravchenko) until the end of his days. Bykov’s wife at the time also dreamed about the scene. Leonid and Tamara even went to the same acting school. However, dreams girls did not come true. In his youth, Tamara was diagnosed with a mental illness. With age, the disease just progressed. Although some of those who were intimately acquainted with Kravchenko, claimed that the wife of the Director just chose career instead of family.

whatever it was, married Tamara had two children. In 1956 was born the Oles (according to some Alex or Alexander), and after 2 years Mariana. In childhood, neither the son nor the daughter was no different from their peers. Problems with the Oles started after his age-or rather, during his military service. When he first appeared in a psychiatric hospital, where after treatment and went home. The confessions family, shortly before hospitalization Oles had an argument with someone from the command staff of its parts.

the Crime again and clinic

welcome home misadventures Olesya has not ended. With the diagnosis “schizophrenia”, which gave him psychiatrists, Bulls, Jr. could not get a job. It didn’t take even a laborer. In the end, Leonid Fedorovich has taken a son to himself to the set, but this didn’t work out.

Once Oles was in the field of view of law enforcement. He and his buddies tried to Rob the store. Itwhen the Bulls, through connections, was able to save Olesya from prison. However, the young man again had to go for treatment in a psychiatric clinic. After that Leonid Bykov he found himself on a hospital bed: he had a second heart attack.


As we know, Leonid Bykov died in 1979. After the death of his father, Oles decided to leave the USSR. He has repeatedly filed documents to emigrate, but he always refused. In 1989, losing hope of ever leaving, Oles arrived in Moscow and near one of the largest hotels of the capital got up with the poster with the inscription “the Communists, I don’t want to live with you!”. He was immediately arrested, and less than a week sent back to Kiev.

However, the Oles managed to implement his plan. It happened in 1991. The bulls got on the train to Lviv, and during following composition stopped him using the emergency brake and left the car. He crossed the Tisza river, and after a time made itself felt native. At that moment Bykov, Jr. was already in Austria. Soon Oles asked for political asylum in Canada. There he lives to this day.

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