Due to a breakdown from the uniform selection and acceptance procedure, both the Thunder and Hawks played the first half wearing exceptionally similar colours, the Hawks in their reddish”icon” uniforms as well as the Thunder within their orange”announcement” alternates.

On television, the mix was particularly awful.

“It seemed weird in the beginning, but it did not have a lot of impact once I started going in the first half,” Thunder protector Shai Gilgeous-Alexander said. “It was not much for this, but I believe it made it a bit easier for our peripherals and things such as that in the next half. However, apart from that, it was trendy ”

The league asked the jersey shift, a Thunder spokesperson said. The Hawks had their reddish”icon” jerseys in their road trip, therefore the Thunder made the shift to white to the next half.

“I certainly did not detect it or even consider it, to be truthful with you, then it had been a league mandate we simply responded to,” Daigneault said. “They made me conscious of it at halftime once we went to the locker rooms that men were in white uniforms, then we moved outside and played the second half”

With groups using multiple mixes and alternates to use, and no more celebrating the conventional standard of dwelling white and street colour, the uniform-selection procedure is done prior to the entire year for the whole schedule utilizing a input called LockerVision. The home team chooses first, then the street team.

The team double-checks all mixtures and approves thembut the Thunder and Hawks wrongly slipped through the acceptance procedure, according to a league spokesperson.

Typically, whenever there are near contrasts like the red-orange problem with OKC and Atlanta, the team captures it and adjusts it until the game occurs. According to a league source, this is actually the very first time in over 4,000 matches that has occurred because the system has been introduced in 2017-18.

There are other noteworthy basketball apparel malfunctions, like the Argentina women’s national team forfeiting a match in the 2019 Pan Am Games since its players were wearing the incorrect jerseys.

The change did not affect the Thunder, who headed 63-55 in the half and won 118-109.