The University of applied sciences Utrecht (HU) and Utrecht University (UU), and have decided to go for it, online education, and home-working will be extended until the 1st of June.

you can Also have a lot of other institutions of higher and tertiary education decided that all schools, June 1, at a distance and to organize themselves.

According to the O, it is the decision of the government to events, and to ban a lot of confusion can arise. “Students and teachers do not know where they are located, for the period from 6 april to prepare for […] for this reason We have decided to do after the 6th of april due to the move to online education,” he writes to the HU in an e-mail to all students.

The UNIVERSITY says that it is aware of the fact that the measures are far-reaching for students and staff. “It’s finding the right balance between clarity and the possibilities are wide open.”

The online education is now up to the 1st of June. If the government is an interim decision for the action to begin, the colleges and universities to see what types of teaching and assessment at the location may be able to continue.

the Promotions and the inaugural lectures

The UNIVERSITY has the potential to physical education and after June 1, is still open. The university will also look at the promotions, inaugural lectures, and afscheidscolleges after the 6th of april, it would be in a digital format, they can be kept.

the Students and researchers who have a physical, a publication of the University necessary for their study or research, you may contact the library to make a request to do so. The publication is digital or physical send.

Binding study recommendations
The PROPERTY has, at the request of the ministry of Education, the negative binding study recommendations (so-called ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, s) is postponed to the second year of study. It has yet to be formally approved by the hogeschoolraad.

as a First-year student would be suspended BSA instead of BSA. Students must have the following academic year and have enough points to go to catch up.

the Students in the previous academic year, will be suspended the BSA had given a negative opinion, without rejecting it, because of the one-time deferral of the RECOMMENDATION can be made. Also, students can take their training to the next school year and just continued from there.