Destelbergen On the E17 at the interchange, in Destelbergen, this morning, a fatal accident occurred. A car with a Dutch number plate, drove in a truck that is in the scissors stopped in on the way.

Anything for up to 6 hours of this morning, a truck driver is in trouble at the intersection. The truck came with the R4 and wanted to get on with the E17, but it started to slip. The truck went over a speed bump, drove off the highway and crashed head-on into the berm. The truck and trailer were in a pair of scissors, and came to a stop on the left and the middle lane.

The center of a takelaar were called to the location, but the traffic there was, was a mistake. A car driver was in the left lane hit by a car. The takelaar that are already on the spot was a sign that he was going to turn right, had to take evasive action and the car began to maneuver, but it was too late. The driver stops at the back of the truck, and came out from under the trailer to go.

The victim was located in his vehicle. The fire service freed him, but all the help came too late, and the driver died at the scene.

for The three lanes of the motorway E17 are at the level of the junction with the R4 in Destelbergen is well placed for the handling of the incident. The movement in the direction of Gent, you can have the emergency lane to pass.