North Carolina Democrat’s Facebook page states that he has ‘unique experiences’ as a former prosecutor

According to Fox News records, a North Carolina Democratic candidate is praising his experience as a “former procuror” on his campaign website. However, he was only there for 25 days in 2006.

Wiley Nickel is a North Carolina state senator who was Obama White House aide. Last month, he declared that he would be running for the vacant seat of retiring Democrat Rep. David Price. It said, near the top, “Wiley understands and values the importance of public service.” He has been a former prosecutor and helped to pursue justice for the most in need.

Nickel’s law firm website also includes references to Nickel’s 25-day stint in the role of prosecutor. He said that his “first job out” of law school was at the Merced County District Attorney’s Office where he was a deputy district Attorney with a focus of prosecuting DWI offenders.

Nickel quoted Nickel’s words on the website: “As a former prosecution officer I understand how the other side thinks” You have the right to the best representation in Raleigh.

After publication of this article, those references were silently removed from Nickel’s campaign website and law firm website.

Nickel’s law office also mentioned his “unique experience” in prosecutor work on its Facebook page. The Facebook page stated that Wiley Nickel, a former deputy District Attorney, was the founder and lead attorney of Nickel’s law firm. He has unique experience and an extensive understanding of the process by which the government pursues convictions.

The page continues, “By using the knowledge of the prosecution’s strategies, he can anticipate the government’s tactics and build an effective defense for his clients.”

Despite repeated references to Nickel’s experiences as a “former procuror”, Fox News received a Freedom of Information Act response from the Merced County District Attorney’s Office stating that Nickel was only the “Deputy District Attorney” from Jan. 23 through Feb. 17, 2006.

Wiley also called himself a “former DWI prosecution” twice on his Twitter account in 2017, and 2018.

Four days after publication, the Nickel campaign sent a quote via Fox News Digital and silently scrubbed numerous websites that contained the phrase “former prosecutor”. The Nickel campaign claimed that he had “gained prosecutorial experiences” in two more county offices. Nickel’s LinkedIn has been updated to reflect that he was a law clerk in at least eight additional district attorney offices.

The Nickel campaign stated that Wiley gained experience as a prosecutor in three counties over the past year, both before and after the dates in your story. Wiley is a Cary-based criminal defense attorney who has been practicing for more than a decade and is proud to be running on his progressive record in state Senate.

Wiley established his North Carolina law firm in 2011, after having served almost three years as an advance associate in the Obama administration’s first term. Wiley also served as a “political advisor” to the Democratic National Committee and held other positions that date back to the Clinton administration.

Nickel thanked Obama for supporting his candidacy to the state Senate in 2018.

Nickel’s campaign platform states that Wiley is a Progressive Democrat. She believes it’s now time to concentrate on strengthening our public schools and creating high-paying jobs, expanding affordable healthcare, protecting the environment, and strengthening our public schools. “Senator Nickel leads the fight for a woman’s freedom to choose, and is pushing for stronger gun control laws. He supports a ban on gerrymandering and independent redistricting reform, which takes power from politicians to draw new legislative district lines.

Nickel was blasted by the National Republican Congressional Committee, (NRCC), in a Fox News quote. They called him “another lying politician.”

Camille Gallo, a spokeswoman for the NRCC, stated that Wiley Nickel has already shown he is a lying politician who does not have any business representing North Carolinians at Congress.