A 4-year-old boy from New Zealand called police for help and asked them to check his toys. An officer responded and confirmed that the toys were indeed cool.

Police posted audio from the call and a photo of the boy sitting on the hood a patrol cruiser this week on social media. They noted that although they don’t encourage children calling the emergency number, it was too cute not to share.

All business begins when the caller says, “This is police. Where is the emergency?”

There is a pause, as the unidentified boy hesitates and says “Hi” before saying “Police lady?”

“Yes,” says the dispatcher, before switching to a more friendly, singsong tone. “What’s the matter?”

The boy asked, “Um, can you tell me something?” After being told that he could, he replied, “I have some toys for you.”

The dispatcher replies, “You have some toys for me?”

“Yep. “Come over and see them,” he replies.

The man confirms that the call was a mistake and says the 4-year-old was helping his mother while she was sick.

The police dispatcher then calls the address and gives the following information: “There’s a 4-year old there who wants to show police his toys,

An officer responds, “Yeah I’m one up, I’ll attend,”

According to police, Constable Kurt was the only officer they identified as having been shown toys at the house of the boy in Invercargill, South Island.

The officers said that the officer was also able have a “good and educational chat” about proper use of the emergency number 111 in New Zealand.

According to police, Constable Kurt said that he did have cool toys after attending the callout. They said that the lucky child also saw the patrol car, and the officer turned the lights on for them.