Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton for the sixth time in his career, up until the world champion is crowned in the “Formula 1”. The 34-year-old Briton of Mercedes finished in second place in the Grand Prix of the United States of america, and that was enough for the victory. The victory in Austin, texas, and went to Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, but the celebrated man, and was, therefore, of Hamilton, who had only one world title and less on his counter and is Michael Schumacher. Max Verstappen was driving in to Austin to 3rd.

for The start, it was crucial to have in Austin, texas, with a strong sloping in the run-up to the first corner of the track. Verstappen and Hamilton were recognized and the winners of each of the one already founded, while in Leclerc and Vettel in their Ferrari, much less make a run for it shooting. It is the beginning of an ordeal for the Italian renstal, as it turns out. Vettel had been in the eighth round, the stop to do with when his rear suspension gave up the ghost and Leclerc didn’t want to, either.

It was a duel between the Mercedes men, and Max Verstappen. Bottas was pole position start, and the finn drove an excellent race. The leading position of the Bottas was at no time in danger, and the Stumbling had to take into account the Hamilton, which is heating up in the back of his neck and began to pant.