Novosibirsk was convicted of serial thefts of

the Dzerzhinsky district court has pronounced a sentence to Novosibirsk for a series of thefts of cars of mark “Toyota Camry”.

As stated on the website of the court, from December 2015 through September 2019, he stole three cars “Toyota Camry”. The man was convicted of three counts under the item “in” parts of 3 articles 158 of the criminal code (secret theft of another’s property in the large size). He was given 3 years 6 months of imprisonment in a penal colony.

As the correspondent NGS assistant Prosecutor of the Dzerzhinsky district of Olena Toe, found the culprit with the help of the cigarette butt that was thrown in 2015 at the first crime scene Dimitrova, 7.