Novosibirsk took 6-th place in the ranking of the most sports cities of Russia

Independent research Agency Zoom market has published a poll of Russians on a theme sports. Novosibirsk is situated on the 6th place among Russian cities, whose residents do sports more often than others. The study authors interviewed in the personal interview 2400 people in 20 cities across the country.

— We have formed a rating based on three questions to the Russians: do they play sports, where they shop, what sports they do, — told the Agency.

According to the survey, 54% of respondents answered that they do sports at the fitness clubs, 24% of Russians visit various sections of martial arts, crossfit, and yoga, while 19% of respondents in the sample prefer to have fresh air in such sports as Jogging, workout and Cycling. Football and hockey are not more than 3% of citizens, which is slightly (1%) increased in comparison with data of similar surveys conducted in 2018.