Novosibirsk has released a book-a shifter with the poems of famous poets on Siberia

Novosibirsk philologists with an “Open Department” published a book-Changeling poems about Siberia — the collection includes the poem “Siberia” Marina Tsvetaeva poems of Konstantin Balmont.

— the idea for the book arose 2 years ago, — said the co-founder of the “Open chair” Svetlana Kornienko. Our educational center “Open chair” together with a library INIGO spent most of Tsvetayeva’s week in Novosibirsk. We thought how to bind a Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva to our place, our city. At this time I discovered the poem of Marina Ivanovna “Siberia” and read a wonderful line dedicated to the Baraba steppe. At this point, the picture developed, and we had the idea to hold a talk show devoted to images of the Baraba steppe in culture and literature, then little by little arose the idea of the book.