Novosibirets has a picture of a pale comet in the night sky — to do this he had to go 100 km from the city

Novosibirsk astrophotographer Alex Polyakov photographed the comet called C/2017 T2 (PanSTARRS), an open in 2017.

the Shooting took place last night in 100 km from Novosibirsk. According to Aleksey Polyakov, he went so far away that the city lights didn’t lit the sky.

— This comet has a long history but the first time I have happened to photograph. Yesterday she passed close to galaxies in the constellation URSA major, so sin was not to take advantage of this opportunity. To photograph her, I had to go to 100 kilometers from the city to not feel urban flare. Because even there, in 100 kilometers from the city, you can clearly in the sky to determine where Novosibirsk is there a direct cap of the light in the sky. I photographed her for hours, and there appeared three of the galaxy and the comet — said Alexey Polyakov.