Not to overpay in the store: frozen vegetables, berries and mushrooms have started to deliver to the house

To maintain immunity is very important and variously to eat. But in Siberia, the season of fruits and vegetables is very short, and the rest of the time they are not cheap. Real salvation that is available to the majority of Novosibirsk, became frozen berries, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms that you can buy with delivery in “Pantry summer.”

Cranberries, strawberries, broccoli, mixed vegetables and mushrooms is one of those products you can prepare delicious, unusual and healthy meals to please picky kids and parents. The “Pantry of the summer” almost fifty variants of products. The company is a renowned supplier of frozen at the hypermarkets. Now you can help you save more money and order them directly, not overpaying shopping. It is convenient for Housewives and the owners of cafes and small shops. The registration is possible via email or phone 8-913-907-66-88.