Two days after the explosion in a bakery in Lychen in the Uckermark, the situation at the scene of the accident is safe again, according to the police. “No other gas leakage has been detected,” said a spokesman for the police situation service on Sunday. The criminal police work on site will continue on Monday. The scene of the accident on the market in Lychen is monitored by a special company that measures a possible gas concentration.

According to the police, a gas leak was discovered on Saturday night. However, no further evacuation measures are necessary, said a spokesman for the Uckermark police inspection on Saturday on request.

A high gas concentration was measured at the scene of the accident several hours after the detonation. The residents of surrounding houses were therefore brought to safety.

In the evening, the gas concentration dropped to zero, said police spokeswoman Bärbel Cotte-Weiss on Saturday. As a result, 24 people who had been taken to safety were able to return to their homes. The investigation into the cause of the explosion continued.

A semi-detached house on the market in Lychen partially collapsed in the explosion on Friday morning. A 55-year-old employee of the bakery was seriously injured. The woman suffered facial injuries from shrapnel, police said. According to the regional control center, she was flown to a hospital in Berlin by helicopter.

The woman is already doing better, said Cotte-Weiss on Saturday. She was not critically injured.

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