The rapper’s view on pop stars is unbelieveably spot-on.

If imitation is the most flattering form of flattery then Nicki Minaj truly loves Adele.

While appearing on Thursday’s “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, the “Anaconda” rapper made a stunning impression on the loved “Easy on Me”, singer.

After Minaj and Corden talked about how Adele performed Minaj’s hit “Monster”, during Corden’s 2016 “Carpool Karaoke” segment, Minaj displayed her talents.

Minaj stated, “That made me day, my year.” “I got probably a thousand calls about that one thing.”

Corden asked Minaj to do an impression of the Grammy winner. She recently had to postpone her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. She didn’t miss a beat.

“I have to think like a Black woman in London in order to channel Adele. Because everyone knows that my British accent sounds a lot like a posh, white lady. She said she was a rich white lady.

Minaj was not done. While remaining true to her character, she gave a brief backstory on how she created the accent.

Corden and the audience squealed with delight as she stated, “But with Adele… I sort of have… transform, like, you… She might’ve used crack to sell crack,”

“Maybe she was hustling in the hood, and then she got her big break. That’s how I see her. She’s expressive.
Her impression was a big hit.

“We need a Carpool Karaoke where Nicki sings an Adele song. Haha!!” One YouTube user wrote “Haha!

Someone else wrote, “That Adele impression really was great.”

“She is just so sweet. Another person said that her British accent was brilliant.

It’s good to know that if all goes wrong, Minaj might be able to replace Adele in press.