Vluchtelingencrisis A reddingsschip that it’s been ten days, and 104 immigrants on board, asks that today, the urgent permission to dock. The SOS of the Mediterranean, and Doctors without Borders, two non-governmental organisations to that of the ship, the Ocean Viking to manage and that Europe will urgently need to take action.

The migrants were, on the 18th of October, about 90 km from the Libyan coast to be picked up. According to the ngo, there are two pregnant women and 41 minors, on board the Ocean Viking. It was in the case of Malta and Italy, applied for permission to land, but it has so far been denied. At the moment the ship is about halfway between the islands of Lampedusa and Sicily.

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The 104 survivors have to be re-uncertain, are left in the deck of a reddingsschip, with no hope of a remedy, for their embarkation and disembarkation,” says Louise, Guillaumat, from SOS, of the Mediterranean. “We urge europe’s leaders to their principles of failure, the survivors are finally allowed to be safe at home,” says Michael Fark, of Doctors without Borders.

Italy and Malta have several times denied access to reddingsschepen programme. They want to see the ships, only to let it land, as well as in other EU countries are willing to take the migrants to take them. However, the negotiations are about to expire are often difficult, so people have a long period of time, the vessel is required.

all The ngos are asking that the EU is finally making a transparent and co-ordinated policy for the disembarkation of rescued migrants.