New avtopodstavy? Black

Heading “Where you going?” today, dealt with the accident, which is very much like a typical avtopodstavy — one of the participants (Mitsubishi Lancer) if specially smashes into another. And if it really was a setup, the intention of the driver of the Mitsubishi failed — his own and was found guilty in an accident. All the details in the material Dmitry Kosenko.

the Intersection of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the staff room, light Honda Odyssey goes to Bogdashka left-hand turns — thus the driver should ignore anyone who moves directly. And right in the staff room at this time flies in high speed black Mitsubishi Lancer. The driver of the Honda though and with delay, but notices a disturbance and braked to a complete stop. But “Lancer” especially if crashed into a stopped car — later light up the brake lights, no attempt to go round the obstacle. Watch the video.